Compute by Effin & Blindin

DJ Fonzerelli assumes his Effin & Blindin alias for a new single on Ellum Audio this winter.

Compute by Effin & Blindin Art by Ellum Audio
Endless Possibilities

UK artist Fonzerelli is a lover of 80s sounds including electro, indie dance, and synth-wave, and all of those inform his work as Effin & Blindin. He has released on the likes of Mena Music and LW Recordings and under his more well-known alias he has featured on the iconic Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack on Vladivostok FM.

The perfectly retro-future "Compute" has vocoder vocals that bring a somber feel to the sleek drums. All around it is lush, pixelated chords packed with melancholy and deft little sci-fi details that ensure this one operates in a galaxy of its own way above the stars.

Egyptian-born, Barcelona-based DJ and producer Raxon step up to remix hot on the heels of his Sound of Mind album on Kompakt back in June. It follows a steady stream of precision-tooled tracks for labels like Cocoon, Drumcode, and of course Ellum Audio. Here he flips the original into something more physical. The beats dart about the mix, the hits crash down and the lead synth comes in restless little sequences. It is still bathed in nostalgic and analog-sounding 80s keys but brings plenty of fresh production touches.

Effin & Blindin - Compute
Release Date November 2021
Label Ellum Audio

1. Compute
2. Compute (Raxon Remix)

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