Come Onto Me by Jozef Conor

Australian artist Jozef Conor is back on his Jozzman Trax imprint this autumn with two fresh house cuts.

Come Onto Me by Jozef Conor Photo by Jozzman Trax

With a successful debut album and a slew of solid releases across respected international labels and his own Jozzman Trax, Jozef Conor continues his relentless and refreshing energy into the second half of 2021. Jozef's progression as an artist is far from over, growing momentum with a stacked release schedule. Welcoming "Come Onto Me" as the fourth installment for 2021 on Aussie-based house label Jozzman Trax with two late-night house cuts.

The title track came about in Jozef's own words from "Playing around with different percussion & melody techniques whilst still trying to keep the tracks minimal & punchy. Adding my vocals layer into the title track "Come Onto Me" was one of those moments where the words roll out of your mouth into the microphone". The track features his hypnotic vocal hook amidst some dubby-tinged pads and washes, which are brought together over a rolling bassline and bright, swinging hats.

The B side "Pad Of Comfort" is an evolving deep house number that builds steadily with a balance of synths, trippy vocal sampling, and lively percussion. Jozef's signature thumping kick, paired with some class hat work, balances the tracks low and high end.

Jozef Conor - Come Onto Me
Release Date September 2021
Label Jozzman Trax

1. Come Onto Me
2. Pad Of Comfort

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