Closer Remixes by Scratch Massive feat. Chloe

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Scratch Massive's renowned Nuit de Reve album, bORDEL Records have enlisted DOELD, awrmnko, and Soul to serve up remixes of Closer.

Closer Remixes by Scratch Massive feat. Chloe Art by bORDEL Records
Endless Possibilities

Scratch Massive is a French duo Maud Geffray & Sebastien Chenut, and for their landmark album, they were joined by vocal talents Jimmy Somerville, Daniel Agust, Koudlam, and Chloe. It was a new wave and electro masterclass that took the band to a whole new level. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the lead track is now taken in three different and equally brilliant directions by the three best remixes from the Metapop remix contest.

First up is a fantastic dark and new wave remix by DOELD. Built on a dark and heavy bassline that brings the menace while haunting synths unfold up top. The eerie vibe builds through wet finger clicks and monstrous vocals and is sure to make a significant mark on the dance floor.

Then comes the deepness and romanticism of awmnrko with its freaky Salem feelings. The whispered vocals are icy cold, the gentle drums sink you into a trance, and the lush pads are liquid and cathartic.

Last, of all, Soul skilfully takes the original to the sonic land of John Barry. It's a vast, dubby cavern with mystical keys and a slow-motion groove with sensual vocals. 

Scratch Massive feat. Chloe - Closer Remixes
Release Date July 2021
Label bORDEL Records

1. Closer (DOELD Remix)
2. Closer (awrmnko Remix)
3. Closer (Soul Remix)

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