Clairvoyant by Tennan

Tennan makes his label debut on South Of Saturn with his Clairvoyant EP this holiday season.

Clairvoyant by Tennan. Photo by South Of Saturn Photo by South Of Saturn

With releases on Repopulate Mars, Elrow, and 20/20 Vision, Leeds-based Producer Tennan is a name that continues to build within tech-house. Up next, he makes his South Of Saturn debut as he drops three vibrant tracks across his "Clairvoyant" EP.

The title track "Clairvoyant" reveals a percussive opening cut boasting snaking drums and enticing vocals amongst dancing, melodic keys, while "Satisfactions" ups the ante with commanding basslines, glitched-out samples, and alluring vocals. "Junya" finishes the EP on a high, as looping synths combine with uplifting vocals to deliver an anthemic closing track.

Tennan - Clairvoyant
Release Date December 2021
Label South of Saturn

1. Clairvoyant
2. Satisfactions
3. Junya

Written by: Michael Kiechle
Published: Dec 29, 2021 at 07:00