City Wall Records presents Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP

Finnish techno composer Tuomas Rantanen's epic exploration of how our auditory environment is subtly yet dramatically changing from a natural state to an industrial state.

City Wall Records presents Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP. Art by City Wall Records Art by City Wall Records

Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP follows on from Nychthemeron in Galapagos EP, it continues Finnish techno composer Tuomas Rantanen’s epic exploration of how our auditory environment is subtly yet dramatically changing from a natural state to an industrial state.

Two hundred and fifty years ago there were very few non-organic rhythmic sounds, it was a mainly natural sound environment, but now we are constantly surrounded the rumbling, grinding and roaring of engines, the droning tones of computers and the bleeps of mobile phones. So in this strand of his music Tuomas is reflecting on these changes, he also has a separate strand which is looking at the concept of cyborg and the influence of cybernetics on individual and society at large, for more on that his 100th release, the album Robot Construction is out now on City Wall. His other works to date on City Wall have received widespread recognition from the likes of Cari Lekebusch, Mark Anxious, Dave The Drummer, Angel Alanis, Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts) and Ryuji Takeuchi to name a few.

Morning in Madagascar
The gentle tick of the clock and Madagascar awakes, altogether a bright and lively place in the morning which is well reflected in classic chugging Rantanen beats and tonal percussions. Yet beyond the power and colour are edgy ambiences and dark string glides which suggest other forces also have an agenda.

Day in Madagascar
Beautiful warmth with a fresh air vibe yet those anxious agendas just cannot be shaken off. Day in Madagascar has a consistently driving vibe that revolves around a tough downward facing stomper kick and what seems to be an ever evolving rhythmic groove. However, it is when the ride drops that deeper energy is found.

Evening in Madagascar
Ahh! The church bells are calling! The focus is sensitively shifted slightly left from the banging drums onto the cultivated centre piece which is best described as a unique tapestry of patterned chimes and ringing tones. But of course this is Rantanen world so even if gently distracted the beats are still strong and the bass still rumbling!

Night in Madagascar
And this is how the night comes. A hard steady beat with a roaring fire of a bass that together pulse in the pitch black blaze. The tribal droning flute feels like a snake charmer that is eternally keeping its subject in a perpetual unsuspecting trance, meanwhile the ethereal soundscape fluoresces a calming moonlit glow.

Tuomas Rantanen - Nychthemeron in Madagascar EP
Release date 23rd September 2013
Label City Wall Records

1. Tuomas Rantanen - Morning In Madagascar
2. Tuomas Rantanen - Day In Madagascar
3. Tuomas Rantanen - Evening In Madagascar
4. Tuomas Rantanen - Night In Madagascar

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Sep 13, 2013 at 13:13