Chemistry by Air Jackson

Ten One Records label co-founder Air Jackson delivers his debut LP this summer with an impressive, immersive, genre-spanning album.

Chemistry by Air Jackson Photo by Ten One Records
Endless Possibilities

Dave Jackson is an experienced DJ, producer, and label owner with 15 years in Dublin's underground house and techno scene. As an artist, he has performed at major festivals and clubs in Ireland and garnered support from Disciples and BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong. In 2019 he launched his Ten One Records imprint alongside ACI TONA as an independent label for emerging production talent and established artists. Inspired by records that influenced his career, his debut LP, Chemistry, is an eclectic and mesmerizing mix of house, breaks, techno, and drum and bass.

Dubby opener "Glitch" sets the tone with a sea of spiraling melodies, layered sonics, and an intricate bassline sequence, before minimalistic "Chemistry" shifts direction with an evolving arrangement and passionate vocals. "Burning" is a deeper affair; sharp looped drums fuse with low humming frequencies and heavenly builds to get listeners moving. "Entranced" brings us down a melodic path, with a darker and grittier feel from heightened atmospherics, poignant modulations, and soothing sonics. "Jungle" proceeds with calming chords, glistening leads, and pitter-patter drums, whilst "The Sound" showcases an ethereal production with euphoric pads, ominous vocal snippets, and refined percussion.

The pulsating rhythms and tonal depth on "Róisín Dubh" illuminate the second half of the album, providing a pure electronic workout. "Dusk" is a production to take us through to the early hours of the rave, focusing on warped synths and icy hats, whilst "Together" is pure breaks; seductive drum programming, energetic progressions, and punchy kicks add volume to this genuine anthem. "Annie" and "Nightfall" are two tracks that don't stop building and create the perfect "arms-in-the-air" experience. The penultimate offering "Niya" is six minutes of tranquillity, laying the focus on the sensational bass and sedative effects, before rounding out proceedings with the equally enrapturing "Afterlife".

Air Jackson - Chemistry
Release Date July 2021
Label Ten One Records

01. Glitch
02. Chemistry
03. Burning
04. Entranced
05. Jungle
06. The Sound
07. Róisín Dubh
08. Dusk
09. Together
10. Annie
11. Nightfall
12. Niya
13. Afterlife

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