Team Galag's custom Tumbler. Photo by: Sam Moores PhotographyPHOTO BY Sam Moores Photography

Team Galag's custom Tumbler

The Tumbler; A machine that redefines cool, a machine that redefines presence. Team Galag is building one that will be used on the Gumball 3000 Rally in May 2013.

In the world of fast, high-end cars and road rallies, there are few that can compete with the guys behind Team Galag. They are an extraordinary bunch of people with a keen sense of what they want and what could be fun to drive on a rally.

They are actually building something rather unique and beyond cool. All fans of the Batman franchise by Christopher Nolan have come to love the Bat-Mobile, also known as the Tumbler. A car that sparks the imagination with it's look and performance, in the movies. A machine that redefines cool, a machine that redefines presence.

The Team Galag Tumbler
Behold, The Team Galag Tumbler, a car that is basically identical to the ones used in the movies, but also road legal, since it will take part in the most rock and roll road rally on earth, The Gumball 3000 in the end of May 2013. According to sources, however unconfirmed, the car will most likely house a V8 or V12 power plant that will put out upwards towards 600-800hp, since it's a very heavy car, with a lot of electronics. Maybe not as much gimmicks as in the movies, but we think that Team Galag will surprise us all when it's revealed in Copenhagen on the 18th of May 2013.

The Team Galag TG1
This is the mystery, everyone is talking about it, but very few have actually seen it. It's a custom built supercar named TG1 (Team Galag 1). The only images that we've seen are heavily scrambled and you can hardly see what the TG1 looks like, but when revealed it will most likely be as extreme as the Tumbler, just a little less heavy and bulky.

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29th of Apr 2013




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