Hennessey Ford GT. Photo by: Hennessey Performance
PHOTO BY Hennessey Performance

Hennessey Ford GT Hits A Record 267.6 MPH At The Texas Mile


Author Mathias Haegglund in Cars for Evlear
Published Sun. 24th of Mar 2013 URL Bookmark

A Hennessey Ford GT hit a new record of 267.6 mph (430.66 km/h) at the festival in Beeville called The Texas Mile.

According to the Texas Mile's official Facebook page, a Hennessey Ford GT hit a new record of 267.6 mph (430.66 km/h) at the festival in Beeville. That tops the record they set last fall at a speed of 263.3 mph (423.74 km/h), and blows away the 257.7 mph (414.72 km/h) speed they hit in 2012.

Congratulations on the insane speed over with a standing start 1 mile (1.60934 kilometers) run. Bare in mind that this is a record for the Texas Mile event. There have been another Ford GT that has gone 283.232 mph (455.817 km/h) back in October 2012, but that was in Florida and not at the Texas Mile event.

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