The Aeromaster LMP. Photo by: Aeromaster Sports Cars LtdPHOTO BY Aeromaster Sports Cars Ltd

Aeromaster LMP - A Le Mans kit car

What most people associate with Bulgaria is not Le Mans cars. But, there are exceptions, like the Aeromaster LMP by Aeromaster Sports Cars Ltd in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The first thing that springs to mind when hearing about Bulgaria is maybe not stunning nature, historical crossroad for various civilizations or the beautiful beaches on the Black Sea coast. What most people associate with Bulgaria is poverty, corruption and a rich history steeped in controversy. But, there are exceptions, very nice exceptions, like the Aeromaster LMP by Aeromaster Sports Cars Ltd in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Aeromaster is specializing in the design and manufacture of unique prototype car and sports kit car bodies. This company is set to take over the world of sports car body kit. The aim is to provide their customers with the finest, unique and most attractive sports car body kit.

Most important of all, customers are treated as individuals. Great interest is taken in the progress of all Aeromaster cars and often develops into long-standing friendships with their builders as a result.

The Aeromaster LMP
It is their first self-build component kit car based on tube chassis. Which offers an utterly unique, beautiful designed, single seater sports car that will turn heads wherever you go.

The kit includes all the unique components required to build the car, your car. In addition to the provided body kit, you will need to buy such things as power train, coil-overs, wheels, steering system and other items that are all available from any sports car parts suppliers.  

The body shell is supplied in an extremely high quality gel coat finish, the molding seams are carefully finished with body filler and do not require any additional bodywork, all components will fit together perfectly and accurately. The body panels are designed to install very easily on the chassis via bolt-on mounting points, while the tight gaps between the panels give an exceptional sense of a professional done job.

As the Aeromaster LMP is a single seat sports kit car for road, track day and competition use, take on all kinds of automotive engineering projects. The body kit is designed and manufactured from all bespoke components and assembled around a unique tubular chassis.

Aeromaster offer anyone a unique opportunity to own a very special and professional looking Le Mans prototype racing car for a reasonable low budget (Body kit 5.800 EURO).

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Mathias Haegglund


18th of Jul 2013



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