Cantamon Ep by Hawke

Gavin Hardkiss returns to the Whiskey Pickle fold and dons his solo guise, Hawke, for a doubleheader treat of Balearic house workouts, with remixes from Steve Cobby and Walter Jones.

Jul 26, 2015 - 12:00
Cantamon Ep by Hawke
Photo by Gavin Hardkiss
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“Cantamon” is an extended jam that incorporates chirpy percussion, lush strings, and a live bass groove … top that off with some dubby female vocals and you have a serious winner. Steve Cobby steps up to lay down a whopping ten minute, acid-tribal groove of heaviness with his version of the track, and its something that certainly should not be taken lightly.

Flip it over and we have “Baltimore Boston Express”, a hypnotic groover that bears the obvious hallmarks and quirks of a Hardkiss brother. Its choppy vocal samples and vintage arpeggios create a deep groove that is ominous and relentless. Wrapping things up another luminary returns to Whiskey Pickle: Walter Jones. His I–95 Remix features a thundering bottom end and boat-loads of swagger.

Hawke - Cantamon
Release date 28th July 2015
Label Whiskey Pickle

1. Cantamon (Vox Remix)
2. Cantamon (Steve Cobby Remix)
3. Baltimore Boston Express
4. Baltimore Boston Express (Wally's I-95 Remix)