Burak & Emre presents Ternary Volume 1

Ternary Volume 1 is an album that means business, smashing straight into 2015 and define the tone for the label, Ternary Recordings, as a whole.

Burak & Emre presents Ternary Volume 1 Photo by Ternary Recordings
Endless Possibilities

Rising titan label Ternary Recordings delivers their first influential and stunning mix compilation "Ternary Volume 1". Having already forty-five unique releases in two years, Burak & Emre, half of the founders of Ternary Recordings, have decided to put the label's enthusiasm and futuristic vision on to one mix. From modern trance to classic trance, big-room to progressive house, Ternary Volume 1 brings seventeen exclusive tracks from twenty-three artists that comprise label's unmistakable statement on the current climate of the scene. One thing is for sure: their new direction has seen them enjoy a higher level of acclaim and fanaticism than ever before. From start to finish, the album combines highs of uplifting, melodic synths and dark heart-pumping basses that setting signature sound of the label.

Ternary's bold decision to bring real talents to Electronic Dance Music has paid off in a big way. The every release of the label has been getting support by industry's big names such as Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Paul Van Dyk, Andrew Rayel, DJ Feel, Johan Gielen, Maarten De Jong, Judge Jules, Solarstone, Guioseppe Ottaviani, Ahmed Romel and Manuel La Saux.

Artists who have contributed to "Ternary Volume 1", include George Kamelon, Tolga Uzulmez, Emre Yildiz, Onur Ates, Mike Wendes, Jean Clemence, Duncan MacPherson and more.

Speaking about the album, Burak & Emre said, "We are so proud that we have been able to get all these beautiful pieces of music on to one disc. Within two years, we have become a huge family who shares the same vision about music. When we decided to create this album, we wanted to make sure we could describe label's two years of hard working, achievement and quality with music. We're happy with the outcome. It all makes sense when you listen it."

Burak & Emre presents Ternary Volume 1
Release Date August/September 2015
Label Ternary Recordings

01. George Kamelon - Time Is Too Short To Wait
02. Arthur Barbosa & Diego Florêncio - Quarteto
03. Progonia - Altara
04. Mike Wendes - Estergon
05. Duncan MacPherson - Good Night, Good Luck
06. Tolga Uzulmez - Escapade
07. Airon & Adel - Carnage
08. Burak & Emre - Cappadocia
09. Attila Syah - Rise Of The Empire
10. Jean Clemence - Infinity
11. Emre Yildiz & Onur Ates - Distant Quasars
12. David Rull - Turul
13. Farhad Mahdavi - Istanbul Alleys
14. Ancient Mind - Hasret
15. Emre Yildiz & Emre Tuylu - Ternary
16. Artifi vs Merc - Changing Lives
17. Kayat vs Omar Essa - Spadina

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