Bruson EP Redux by Chris Liebing

Planetary Assault Systems remix the track, Mind Bender, on the Bruson EP Redux EP out this month on CLR.

Bruson EP Redux by Chris Liebing Photo by Edith Bergfors
Endless Possibilities

Originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive to restart the enormously influential CLR imprint after a five-year hiatus, the expanded version of Chris Liebing's gritty and dancefloor focussed "Bruson EP" drops in full as "Bruson EP Redux", featuring a hair-raising remix from Luke Slater's Planetary Assault Systems.

Luke Slater has always been one of my favorites. From his early work in the 1990s through to his incredible Mote-Evolver label, it's always great to hear what Luke's working on and it's a pleasure to have him remix the release that relaunched my CLR label. I hope you all like it when you hear it!
Chris Liebing

CLR, now retitled Create Learn Repeat, has released music from Frankie Bromley, Gene Richards Jr, Hertz Collision, and more since its relaunch as Liebing seek to provide a platform for new and emerging talent alongside his releases.

Chris Liebing - Bruson EP Redux
Release Date 25th February 2022
Label CLR

01. Chris Liebing - Mind Bender
02. Chris Liebing - Mind Bender (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) 
03. Chris Liebing - Alchemist
04. Chris Liebing - Agent
05. Chris Liebing - Mind Bender (DEAS Remix) (Beatport Exclusive)

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