Bouncy by Moog Conspiracy

This has been quite a long love story... But, now Moog Conspiracy is back with Bouncy, a single worth noticing.

Bouncy by Moog Conspiracy. Photo by Elektrotribe Photo by Elektrotribe

Moog Conspiracy first got in touch with Gurwan, when he released his debut studio album 'Elements of Density', which was an attempt to produce distorted reduced electronica, back in 2007 on Elektrotribe records. They met, became friends, played gigs together, released 'Promenade' in 2009, 'Blender' in 2013 , and got to collaborate with Piemont, Marc Raum, Fly O Tech, Yapacc, Kruse & Nuernberg and now with IRY and Peter Grummich!

Now, this is Moog Conspiracy's third EP and it's titled 'Bouncy'. Moog remembered, when him and Gurwan, label head at Buena Onda Records, were working on this third opus and chose the remixers a few month backs, Gurwan told him: "Dude no doubts, we are not gonna hit commercial records with that one, but who cares, we are doing music here"

That's the moto behind this 3rd opus, bringing the creation where it belongs, in front of all.

Moog Conspiracy - Bouncy
Release date 17th March 2015
Label Buena Onda Records

1. Moog Conspiracy - Bouncy (Original Mix)
2. Moog Conspiracy - Bouncy (Iry RMX)
3. Moog Conspiracy - Bouncy (Peter Grummich Concrete Acid RMX)
4. Moog Conspiracy - Bouncy (Yapacc RMX)
5. Moog Conspiracy - Bouncy (Gurwan RMX)

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Feb 23, 2015 at 11:01