Black Gold (Throwing Snow Remix) by Editors

Houndstooth's Throwing Snow delivers a percussive led remix of Editors' Black Gold on Play It Again Sam.

Black Gold (Throwing Snow Remix) by Editors. Photo by Houndstooth Photo by Houndstooth

Renowned London-based producer and remixer Throwing Snow features as the final artist to re-imagine the Editors' title track from their Best of album. Since the early 2010s he has landed releases on the likes of Local Action, Ho Tep, Sneaker Social Club and a slew of BBC Radio support from Gilles Peterson and Benji B along with an acclaimed catalogue of signature albums.

Throwing Snow's remix washes with delicate synths and a swelling sound floor until lead singer Tom Smith's signature vocals are brought in along with rhythmic pulses, clean kicks, syncopated plucks, Afro-bass lines and rolling percussion.

Editors - Black Gold (Throwing Snow Remix)
Release Date
January 2020
Label Play It Again Sam

1. Black Gold (Throwing Snow Remix)

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Jan 29, 2020 at 09:00