Bionic Jellyfish by Ken Ishii

Electropical welcomes a legend to the label on this forward-looking new single from Ken Ishii.

Bionic Jellyfish by Ken Ishii Photo by Electropical Record
Endless Possibilities

Ken Ishii is a legendary artist who debuted on R&S in the nineties and has remained an ever-present musical force. He can do seminal and artful albums like Jelly Tones as well as visceral club 12 inches and also produces music for films, runs his own label, 70 Drums, and in normal times is a frequent headliner at all of Europe's finest clubs.

Here he serves up "Bionic Jellyfish", seven intense minutes of deeply involving techno. The booming kicks bring the powerful groove while the synths are wispy, neon, and fluid as they dart around the mix. This is an all-consuming, warm, and welcoming techno with plenty of high-fidelity details that submerge you in sound.

Remixers Drunken Kong is a project from prominent Tokyo pair D. Singh and DJ Kyoto who have been together since 2010. The mighty likes of Terminal M, Tronic, and Unity have put out their hard-hitting techno and here they take no prisoners. Their excellent remix gurgles and bubbles with acid menace as the hulking great kick drums rumble along and rattle your ribs.

Last but not least, another techno mainstay, Beatport chart-topper, and Electropical regular Luca Morris hook up with fellow Italian Mozzy Rekorder, who has achieved similar heights with his straight-up techno goodness on labels like 100%. Together they flip "Bionic Jellyfish" into an urgent techno banger with pulsing sonar melodies and bigs walls of synth that arrest your every sense.

Ken Ishii - Bionic Jellyfish
Release Date December 2020
Label Electropical Record

1. Ken Ishii - Bionic Jellyfish (Original mix)
2. Ken Ishii - Bionic Jellyfish (Drunken Kong Remix)
3. Ken Ishii - Bionic Jellyfish (Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder Remix)

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