Back On My Bullshit EP by Kristi Yang and Ms. Chin

Kristi Yang and Ms. Chin join forces for the eccentric Back On My Bullshit EP on South Of Saturn.

Back On My Bullshit EP by Kristi Yang and Ms. Chin Photo by South Of Saturn
Endless Possibilities

Having been first introduced via Repopulate Mars' annual Summer Jams compilation in 2020, Kristi Yang and Ms. Chin (one of the famed "alien" dancers from Repopulate Mars' immersive events) make their debut on Lee Foss' sister label South Of Saturn with a set of bumping and off-kilter vocal house tracks.

Across the release, Ms. Chin's sharp vocals meet Kristi Yang's bubbling production, perfectly exemplified on the lead track "Could Be The One". Bouncy percussion and laser focussed synthesis wrap around Ms. Chin's stream of consciousness performance, leading the track through a series of scintillating breakdowns.

"Back On My Bullshit" sees the duo deliver a relentless bassline alongside jacking drums, with the occasional siren topping off what is a raucous affair. Wrapping up the EP is restless and bumping "Eee Iii Aaa" which rolls effortlessly with quirky sample slices and vocals.

Kristi Yang & Ms. Chin - Back On My Bullshit EP
Release Date January 2021
Label South of Saturn

01. Could Be The One
02. Back On My Bullshit
03. Eee Iii Aaa

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