Back In Time / Basement Fish by Vinny Villbass & Sommerfeldt

The Badabing Diskos crew digs deep once more and comes up with two downtempo indie-house monsters from label regulars Vinny Villbass and Sommerfeldt.

Oct 24, 2022 - 07:00
Back In Time / Basement Fish by Vinny Villbass & Sommerfeldt
Photo by Badabing Diskos
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Producer, artist, sound guru, and DJ Vinny Villbass hail from Oslo with releases on Eskimo and Trunkfunk. He has also worked with experimental electronic artist Pantha Du Prince and is a versatile performer and musician. Here he works with Sommerfeldt who has previously worked under various aliases on acclaimed labels such as Paper Recordings and Full Pupp. He is an equally prominent figure of the Oslo club circuit and both of these new tracks came together while eating basement fish (fermented trout that's been cooking in a bucket of brine in a basement for two months) in a wood cabin somewhere in the Norwegian mountains during the pandemic of 2021.

The opener "Back in Time" leans backward in both rhythm and harmony and creates plenty of space for its heavy claps and hypnotic vocal cuts. This alluring and artful groove is perfect for both sunlit beaches and dark clubs alike. As always with this label, it's a track that oozes musicianship and class.

The equally fresh "Basement Fish" goes even deeper but explores harder energies as disharmonic analog synth mayhem is held together by rhythmic vocals from the ever-amazing Toshybot who was once part of the late 90s supergroup Tøyen. It's a rugged groove with tripped-out synth effects designed to bring all-new vibes to the dance floor.

Vinny Villbass & Sommerfeldt - Back In Time / Basement Fish
Release Date October 2022
Label Badabing Diskos

01. Vinny Villbass & Sommerfeldt - Back In Time
02. Vinny Villbass & Sommerfeldt feat Toshybot - Basement Fish