Arengue EP by Ruba KPØ

French collective RUBA KPØ follow their last EP on Sonar Kollektiv with this fresh five track offering on hot new label RKRS Recordings.

Arengue EP by Ruba KPØ Art by RKRS Recordings
Endless Possibilities

Now based between Oslo and Nice, this collective of musicians and DJs make music without limits. Laurent Garnier and Sasha were big fans of their last outing and this new EP marks something of a rebirth. After three years focusing on developing their radio show, working on their live act and exploring new ways of making music, they now really stretch their musical legs from jazz to bass to happy house to French cold wave.

This EP evokes an imagined historical meeting between ancestral Africa and the Scandinavian Vikings, and kicks off with "Arengue" whose afro roots collide with a rock n roll guitar under the persistent uplift of a disco cowbell. It's an explosive club groove with plenty of character. The excellent "Pentagonal" is "an alien sex story" which takes the form of a wonky slow motion techno workout, with broad, sweeping pads and an otherworldly feel. The brilliantly upbeat house of "Janky Chord" is this collective's “view of the space conquest if it was lead by women" and is a deeper, more pensive groove filled with grace and suavity. 

Keeping up the invention levels, "Sisters" is a tribute to the smoky 50s and 60s jazz clubs that shuffles on pared back but rubbery drums and rich warm bass. Finally, "Unconditionally" is a classical love story with a twist and plenty of bass making for a cavernous groove run through with carefully designed and subtle cosmic synths.

These are five fantastically different and evocative tracks packed with compelling detail and rich in sound design.

Ruba KPØ - Arengue EP
Release Date December 2020
Label RKRS Recordings

1. Arengue
2. Pentagonal
3. Janky Chord
4. Sisters
5. Unconditionally

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