ANTS invade Ushuaïa

In Ibiza, this summer ANTS are taking over and anyone can join the colony. The ANTS have been multiplying in their underground base, surrounded by the roots of the musical trees from where they have procured their musical knowledge.

ANTS invade Ushuaïa Photo by Ants
Endless Possibilities

The roots twist and turn around the tunnels carved out by the ANTS from the ground, transmitting waveforms from above ground to the curious antennae of the colony members. In their world it’s the good vibrations that emanate from these roots that satisfy their inner hunger for happiness and good times.

The ANTS colony finds a home at Ushuaïa, which is destined to fulfil their innate desire and provide an environment that is rich in musical delights, where the beauty of underground music can be shared with everyone who becomes a part of this welcoming community. Launching on the 1st June, ANTS will be taking over Ushuaïa every Saturday and curating line-ups featuring DJs of electronic music today, like Nic Fanciulli, Timo Maas, Andrea Oliva, Onno, Los Suruba and many more who’ll be entertaining the colony from afternoon till midnight. Featuring heavily over the summer is live specialist Reboot, Deetron, Joris Voorn, Radio Slave and Uner, and with guests such as George Fitzgerald, Visionquest associate Lee Curtiss and 2013’s brightest new star in Hot Since 82.

The ANTS come from a huge underground colony that will evolve and expand at their base, Ushuaïa - the luxury Ibiza destination which has become a magical hub for the island’s party people and the perfect home for their family of soldiers and workers. Freedom of self, a strong community of like minded individuals working towards one common goal, unity and the sharing of ideas and love; this is what makes an ANT colony strong and this is what we hope all of our new members will promote.

Once you have pledged your allegiance, you will join forces to bring forth the spirit of house music together with the team of workers, those special people who spend their whole summer on the island making sure all the visitors are looked after, and our soldiers, the guardians of the colony who enforce the true spirit of underground music, the very essence of ANTS. Wear your black clothing like your fellow ANTS and you will gain discounted entry throughout the summer. No doubt the combination of our colony’s black, and the white of Ushuaïa’s décor is sure to create a scintillating spectacle for our revellers, something that will tantalise your eyes in unison with the music, which will provide a delicious reward for your ears.

It starts at Ushuaïa, but soon the whole world will be a part of this underground musical community, working together to share the love and we want you to share the love and unite with us, the ANTS, in Ibiza this summer.

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