Amatelucas by Masaki Uchida

Sigha's Our Circular Sound returns with a six-track release of atmospheric, forward-thinking electronics from multi-instrumentalist and sound artist Masaki Uchida.

Amatelucas by Masaki Uchida Photo by Our Circular Sound
Endless Possibilities

Since launching a decade ago, the label has increasingly focused its attention away from generic club sounds and last year's releases include Sigha's IDM-tinged alias Faugust, as well as left-of-center EPs from Portrait and AVL.

Joining them for the label's first release of 2020 is innovative Japanese producer Masaki Uchida who displays his prowess as a sound designer and multi-instrumentalist across six tracks. Uchida rips apart a variety of contemporary and classic electronic styles, reassembling them into a uniquely beautiful new whole. 

Often walking the line between extremes, the release features both moments of chaos and times of complete silence, exemplary of not only Uchida's bold approach to the songwriting process but also his unquestionable talent as a sound designer and engineer.

Masaki Uchida - Amatelucas
Release Date May/June 2020
Label Our Circular Sound

1. Lucy
2. Amatelucas
3. Chalice
4. Iris
5. Xfytx
6. Selene

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