Always Done by Rework

My Favorite Robot welcomes back Rework as they prepare to kick off their 2021 schedule with a three-track EP named Always Done.

Always Done by Rework Photo by David Spaeth
Endless Possibilities

Rework is the alias of Daniel Varga, Michael Kuebler, and recent joinee Elmar Mellert. Since making their debut in 2012, the duo has released albums and EPs on Playhouse Records, Visionquest, and their exlove imprint, as well as of course My Favorite Robot. This April welcomes the arrival of three entrancing new cuts in the form of the Always Done EP.

Sophisticated opener "Anything" is a laid-back house affair, cut with delicate spoken word vocals, sonic FX, and an immersive bassline sequence to deliver a genuinely enchanting production. "Cracked Edit" picks up the pace as tight percussion works against an arpeggiated bassline to great effect, before "Always Done" rounds out proceedings smoothly via dubby chords, rumbling low-end and hypnotic melodies.

Rework - Always Done EP
Release Date April 2021
Label My Favorite Robot Records

1. Anything
2. Cracked Edit
3. Always Done

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