Altfelnu EP by Egal 3

Romanian producer, Egal 3 returns to Sound of Vast to drop a pair of intricate and yet so mesmerizing cuts that make you love the strangeness of it all even more.

Altfelnu EP by Egal 3 Photo by Sound Of Vast
Endless Possibilities

Having released on established imprints such as Fear of Flying, Monique Musique, Edec and Memoria Recordings, this marks Egal 3’s second appearance on Sound of Vast since inaugurating its discography last year. Still in his early 20s, the producer has accomplished a lot in such a short time including collaborating with tINI, Livio & Roby, Andrea Oliva and Andrew Grant to name a few.

‘Altfelnu’ initiates the release with sporadic percussion and an understated bassline before an unexpected piano melody enhances the eerie vibe. On the flip ‘Sidebyside’ focuses more on a tight groove constructed from an analogue drum machine and modular synth to craft a track geared for afterhours bedlam.

Egal 3 - Altfelnu EP
Release Date 15th September 2015
Label Sound of Vast

A1. Altfelnu
B1. Sidebyside

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