All Is Not Lost EP by Chemtrailz

Chemtrailz announces the new label Terra Novae with his own All Is Not Lost EP.

All Is Not Lost EP by Chemtrailz Photo by Terra Novae

Following remixes for the likes of Suara and Ayako Mori alongside releases on labels such as Autektone, Funk n Deep, and Reload, Texas-based Chemtrailz launches his brand new Terra Novae imprint with a self-produced four-tracker of deep and evolving techno.

The title cut "All Is Not Lost" kicks off the release powerfully, with chunky bass slicing its way through the thunderous drums before breaking into growling FM licks. "Access Codes" follows suit, with off-kilter synthesis bubbling and progressing effortlessly throughout the duration of the track, peppered with the occasional subdued breakbeat.

"Such Times As These" takes inspiration from the early 2000s trance, an era close to Chemtrailz heart, with soaring pads, stabs, and leads taking the reigns to bring a touch of the epic to the EP. The closing piece "Winter On Europa" ties the package together by marrying emotive flourishes and deep atmospherics, catering to eyes-closed moments on the dancefloor and cementing the artist's knack for crafting powerful yet moving techno across all moods.

Chemtrailz - All Is Not Lost
Release Date January 2021
Label Terra Novae

01. All Is Not Lost
02. Access Codes
03. Such Times as These
04. Winter On Europa

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