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Advertising should be fun, not mandatory or boring
That is our motto when it comes to how we want our advertisers to feel when they do business with us. Advertising should also be creative and fresh, not stale and mundane. That is why we offer something that, we believe is not only fresh and creative but, a bit more fun.

We offer multiple ways to reach already existing as well as new audiences. Either through mobile or desktop or both at the same time. On average, an ad that is on all our pages as well as being available on both mobile and desktop devices gets around 14-17.000 views per day. The split is currently 69% Desktop and 31% Mobile devices.

Example - Sitewide (all pages)
One Image ad on 3500+ pages simultaneously for 1 month for 3000 EUR + VAT.
Ads will available on mobile and desktop devices. Position: Header

If you want to be a part of what we have to offer, then contact us today and we'll tell you all about it.