Abracadabra EP by B.O.M

Romania's Clubwerks imprint drops the Abracadabra EP from B.O.M comprising of six original tracks from the Swiss artist.

Jun 2, 2015 - 13:00
Abracadabra EP by B.O.M
Photo by Clubwerks
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B.O.M is yet another incredibly promising young Swiss producer from Basel to join our expanding Clubwerks crew. His music is unexpected and as intriguing as it is straight-forward. He makes slowly-building impactful drum tracks that draw on ghetto-tech, touch on stripped-down bass music and exude clubby functionalism intended for minimal-leaning, open-minded crowds.

With the exception of Jucy, the gorgeous house chant that opens the Abracadabra EP, all tracks are percussion-based jams packed with clever and fun instrumental moments alongside cool vocal hooks.

Each track has a particularly strong personality and seems better than the previous one, which is a rare feat on a 6 track EP. With the arrival of artists such as B.O.M we can only anticipate more and more surprising music such as his, because this EP is nothing short of a definition of Clubwerks' musical intentions.

B.O.M - Abracadabra EP
Release date 15th June 2015
Label Clubwerks [Origami Sound]

1. Jucy
3. Walk
4. Backup
5. TomTom
6. UTE