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The website

All you need to know about the website itself and the technology at play.

The Evlear website uses the following technologies to give you, the visitor, the best experience possible and also to make sure that the viewing experience is as good as possible.

All design and coding is done and maintained by Mathias Haegglund.

Mark-up - HTML5
Styling - CSS3
Font - Roboto
Framework - Cotonti Siena
Additional - Siema and
Compression - Gzip
Database - MySQL
Delivery - 100% selfhosted
Hosting - One.com

On which devices does Evlear.com work on?
The website is fully responsive and works flawlessly on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android powered devices.

Which browsers does the website support?
Tests have been made on the following browsers without any issues and are fully supported:
- Firefox 35.0.1 and above
- Opera 27.0.1689.69 and above
- Google Chrome 40.0.2214.111 and above
- Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) (on Windows & MAC)
- Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 and above
- Vivaldi 1.6.689.40 and above

Which browsers doesn't the website support?
Internet Explorer 11 or below is not supported. For the best experience, we always recommend the latest webbrowsers on the market. Do note that it's also a security risk using old web browsers. There is a reason a new versions are being released.

The mark-up and styling is valid and compliant with W3C standards.

"Evlear.com is faster than 97% of all tested websites" - Pingdom Website Speed Test


Author Mathias Haegglund
Published Sun. 15th of Feb 2015
Updated Mon. 8th of May 2017

Publisher Evlear
Section About
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Evlear proudly uses One.com for hosting our website and we like them very much. They offer support in English, Danish, German, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Finnish.

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