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Evlear is great with coffee in the morning

With a sense of adventure and a genuine love for all things that bring joy and fulfillment in life, you have Evlear. A passionately curated collection of articles spread over topics like Music, Cars, Rally, Lifestyle, and Festivals.

Shooting for the stars, but not aiming for the moon, has kept us alive since June 2002. The reason why we are still here and still doing our thing is due to a passion for creating, sharing, and delivering an experience that is easy and direct. If you want to help us be better and let us celebrate another 18 years down the road, you can. Our goal has always been to give our visitors a solid platform on which to discover, share, and to connect.

Our aim
The overall aim is to bring quality articles, interviews, and reviews within Music, Cars, Rally, Lifestyle, and Festivals. The Cars and Lifestyle sections focus on high-end consumer goods as well as events that incorporate music as well as cars and fashion, like Gumball 3000, ModBall, Cash & Rocket, and others. The Music section is a passion that will never fade and it is also the majority of the content, while the Festivals section is a curated guide to festivals that we encourage a visit. Evlear is made possible with a sense of humor and professionalism. E is for Emotion. E is for Evolution. E is for Expression. E is for Everyone. E is for Evlear.

Evlear is a lifestyle blog/magazine focusing on Music, Cars, Lifestyle, and Festivals. We have our own brand of apparel which can be found at Zazzle and Spreadshirt. Founded in June 2002 as Megamind Magazine. Became Evlear in March 2013. The website loads faster than all industry related websites, which is an achievement in itself. It's all about passion for Music, Cars, Rally, Lifestyle, and Festivals, all with a twist, that is unique to Evlear. What most people are unaware of is that Evlear is actually an anagram for Reveal.

In 2015 we donated the old domain Megamind.se to the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology so that it could be used in an upcoming exhibition involving visions of the next generation's science center's. We like seeing the re-use of the old domain, so that it comes to use for today's young people, in a good way.

The website was started on the 31st of July 2002 by Mathias Haegglund as a spin-off from Lushbeats Magazine, which was the proving ground for a new project called Megamind. After leaving Lushbeats Magazine to focus solely on Megamind it quickly grew and attracted attention for being the first website focusing on the clubbing and DJ culture in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

The website started out as Megamind.dk but after a year it changed its name to Megamind.se and then 7 years later it changed to its last home at MegamindMagazine.com in order to branch out and becoming a more international site solely focusing on DJ culture and music, especially Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Several years later and having outlived all other websites started around the same time. Megamind was considered to be stable and well looked after the cornerstone of the industry. As always and as it's written: "Megamind is always new, always informative, always insightful, always fun and always for you, the clubbers."

Megamind Magazine was a free online magazine dedicated to bringing music and industry-related news to the public. The magazine was also being operated as a non-profit organization, where all or any proceeds were put into developing and maintaining the website.

Awards/Nominations (Megamind/Evlear)
- Nominated for Best blog 2009 by Swedish Podradio Awards
- Nominated for Best blog 2010 by Swedish Podradio Awards
- Nominated for Best Blog in the Peoples Choice Awards at the BT Digital Music Awards 2006
- Nominated for Best Blog in the Peoples Choice Awards at the BT Digital Music Awards 2007
- Nominated for Best Blog in the Peoples Choice Awards at the BT Digital Music Awards 2008
- Nominated for Best Blog in the Peoples Choice Awards at the BT Digital Music Awards 2009
- Nominated for Best Blog in the Peoples Choice Awards at the BT Digital Music Awards 2010
- Nominated for Best Swedish Web Project of the Year in Swedish Webbkomet Award 2013

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