803 Crystalgrooves 002 by Cinthie

Following the label launch in October, Cinthie returns with the second release on her fledgling 803 Crystalgrooves imprint, this time four up-tempo originals from the Berlin native.

Dec 19, 2018 - 20:19
803 Crystalgrooves 002 by Cinthie
Photo by Petr Kopal Photography
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Producer, DJ, founder of many labels, record store-owner and radio personality, Cinthie has grown to become a highly respected figure in the contemporary electronic music scene over the years and her most recent venture, 803 Crystalgrooves, kicked off in October to critical acclaim. The imprint stands as a platform to present productions inspired by her beginnings in House and Techno and while the debut focused on Disco-tinged House, here we see things edge towards darker more raw territory, dubbed as the "bad little sister of 001" by Cinthie...

"Push It" leads on the package with a stripped-back drum groove made up of a crunchy clap, sharp hats, and a weighted kick while squelchy 303 licks and vocal shots uttering the track title drive the composition. "The Worm" follows this time featuring a high-octane drum workout, subtly unfolding synth flutters, and an underlying low-end drive.

Opening the flip is "Boomboomroundtheroom" employing dusty drums, frenzied synth stabs, and gritty bass chops, a cut harkening back to the most robust sounds coming out of Chicago in the ’90s. "Peep Peep" then rounds out the release with vacillating resonant bleeps, bumpy shuffled drums, and a dynamically evolving structure.

Cinthie - 803 Crystalgrooves 002
Release Date
January 2019
Label 803 Crystalgrooves

1. Push It
2. The Worm
3. Boomboomroundtheroom
4. Peep Peep