4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #5 by Stefano Fontana

Italian producer Stefano Fontana is back on his Beatraxx label with five jazz-infused house tracks entitled 4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #5.

4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #5 by Stefano Fontana Photo by Beatraxx Records
Endless Possibilities

Colorful sounds, eclectic producer, international profile: this is Stefano Fontana in a few words. Growing up in Milan around the Plastic Club - the main club of the Italian artistic circuit - Stefano has always had a real obsession for that imaginary street halfway between turntablism, funky B-lines, hip hop, old school dance, and everything in between. Stefano became one of the most hyped Italian when his Stylophonic alias became world-renowned before he launched his Stefano Fontana project. 

Having already released on Supernova's label Lapsus, Paolo Martini's label Paul's Boutique, NiCe7's labels the D-FLOOR Music, and a track on Mousse T's Peppermint Jam, Stefano is now back on his exciting new imprint Beatraxx.

"Jazz 4 My Brother" kicks off the EP with a jazzy aesthetic featuring enticing keys, a luscious sax line, and organic percussion that pulsates energetically throughout before "Fly Fly Fly" offers up a ravishing house beat that balances harmoniously with the slick melodies and engrossing, retro samples. 

Next up, "Rhapsody Of Love" kicks off the EP with a funky bassline fused delightfully with effervescent drums and soulful vocals that introduce a new layer to Stefano's vast sound palette whilst "Soul 3 Soul" keeps the energy flowing with high-spirited atmospheres, soothing piano notes and shimmering low-end reverberating underneath. Closing off this vibrant release, "Party Going On" keeps on jacking with bumpy rhythms and sharp grooves. 

Stefano Fontana - 4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #5
Release Date January 2021
Label Beatraxx Records

1. Jazz 4 My Brother
2. Fly Fly Fly
3. Rhapsody Of Love
4. Soul 3 Soul
5. Party Going On

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