2AM by Rosssccooo

Rosssccooo offers up his full debut release on newly formed UK imprint Love Bizarre with four original cuts.

2AM by Rosssccooo. Photo by Love Bizarre Photo by Love Bizarre

Ross, aka Rosssccooo is a time-served sound specialist. After completing a university degree in sound engineering, he quickly moved up the ranks, becoming an intern at the infamous Scottish techno label Soma, run by Slam, where he continued to master his craft.

With involvement in several of Scotland's best club events, as not only a technically fantastic DJ but an astute producer too, Ross now delivers his debut release purveying his expansive production powers on the newly formed Love Bizarre imprint. As an artist, Ross finds inspiration from sounds throughout the ages and covers all bases of the dance music spectrums.  

Music is an ethos and a way of life. It's all about being in those dark rooms with shiny lights, lasers, and good vibes. A complete sense of freedom to express yourself, as well as a massive F**K YOU to the Governments that try to prevent that.

"2AM In A Wooden Village Hall" begins proceedings with shimmering rhythms, acid-tinged bass grooves, and rave-inspired melodies before "Lazy Lockdown (Rosssccooo Rub)" lays focus on uplifting 303s, low resonant frequencies clapping 909s filled with energetic swells.

Up next, thudding kicks and zapping synths fused with electrifying fx and spiraling modulations take the focus in "Swedgehammer" before "Mindslicer" delightfully rounds off the EP with playful atmospheres as the stabbing grooves oscillate with the swinging drum sequence and ringing compositions.

Rosssccooo - 2AM
Release Date June 2021
Label Love Bizarre

1. 2AM In A Wooden Village Hall
2. Lazy Lockdown (Rosssccooo Rub)
3. Swedgehammer
4. Mindslicer

Written by: Evlear Magazine
Published: Jul 3, 2021 at 14:30