#20 Remixes (Sampler) by Plaisir de France

To mark the release of all 17 remixes of Plaisir de France's debut album, #20, the Frenchman serves up a fantastic four-track sampler featuring reworks from Damon Jee, Tim Paris, Badknife, and Polocorp.

Oct 20, 2022 - 10:01
#20 Remixes (Sampler) by Plaisir de France
Art by Plaisir de France
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Plaisir de France is well known for his remixes and collaborations with the best of the new French pop scene. He has worked with everyone from Regina Demina and Bertrand Belin to Arnold Turboust and his debut album from 2021 featured 27 collaborations that explored everything from club sounds to introspective home listening, dark grooves to happy house. Now the pleasure of the album is extended with 17 remixes, four of which are teased here.

First up is dark disco mainstay Damon Jee with a pure dance floor hit that is explosive and mechanical. His take on "Serpent" is the sound of an infernal machine that goes into overdrive as it powers on in a rugged but compelling fashion.

Legendary innovator Tim Paris then steps up with his signature and singular electro-rock sound on his version of "Cogne Mon Coeur". It has a melancholic mood and a bittersweet sense of nostalgia that slowly lifts you up as the power of the heady guitar chords and plaintive keys make their mark.

The brilliant Badknife remixes "Sur La Piste" and brings a 2 am atmosphere where black leather, distorted drums, and 80s sounds make for a menacing and uncompromising groove. It is an infernal sound that leads to both physical and mental abandonment.

Finally, Polocorp is one half of Polo and Pan and he remixes "Dans Toutes les Chansons d'Amour" with the club mind in. He layers in deep, hypnotic bass to make for an energetic cut that is ready to attack both body and mind.

Plaisir de France - #20 Remixes (Sampler)
Release Date October 2022
Label Plaisir de France

1. Serpent (Damon Jee Remix)
2. Cogne mon coeur (Tim Paris Remix)
3. Sur La Piste (Badknife Remix)
4. Dans toutes les chansons d'amour (Polocorp Remix)