18-192 by +plattform

Norway's techno meister +plattform returns to PLOINK with an all-new techno album entitled 18-192.

18-192 by +plattform Art by PLOINK

Having cemented itself as one of Norway's leading Techno event series for over 20 years, PLOINK launched as a label in 2014 and has since hosted releases by Scandinavian talents such as Mental Overdrive, Joaquin Ruiz, Prins Thomas, Skatebård, and more. Previously appearing on PLOINK with his Spellemannsprisen (Norwegian Grammy) winning "Twelve" album in 2017, +plattform returns to the imprint with "18-192", another dense journey through his signature brand of esoteric techno.

Being stuck in a rut after "Twelve" and being discontent with the general direction in techno, I found freedom in broadening my sound and letting time do its thing whilst continuing to look towards the future and its music. "18-192" is the culmination of time, changes and travelling with my closest ones. Love and rhythm, it's the same thing.

Stretched generously across four sides of vinyl, each track brings with it a unique identity while remaining rooted in the wider vision of the album as a whole, with masterful use of space, distinctive sound sources, and oddball sensibilities evident on all tracks. From the metallic groans of opener "Huck" through to the submerged rumbling of closing track "ngels", "18-192" shows +plattform at his most accomplished.

+plattform - 18-192
Release Date 11th March 2022
Label Ploink

01. Huck
02. Stelt
03. Kasaan
04. Richter
05. Point
06. Paana
07. Urakami
08. End
09. Menfjor
10. Khadra
11. ngels

Mathias Haegglund Code Collector, Globetrotter, and Occasional Gamer.